A Memo from EDG

26 03 2008

TO: All Fellows

FROM: Prof. Ernesto D. Garilao

DATE: March 26, 2008

RE: Post-2nd Workshop Reminders

Greetings of Peace!

Thank you very much for your attendance and active participation in the 2nd Leadership Workshop of the AIM TeaM Energy Center’s Bridging Leadership Fellows Program. I am very pleased with what transpired in the event and I hope it was as great a learning experience for you as it has been for me and the rest of the Center’s staff.

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Fellowship Updates 2

16 01 2008

This entry will cover events that happened since last November 22, 2007, and some reminders on upcoming activities, especially with regard to the upcoming 2nd Leadership Workshop on March 4-6, 2007.

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A Letter from EDG

7 12 2007

December 7, 2007

Dear Fellows,


More than two months have already passed since your First Leadership Workshop, and there are approximately three more months to go before the Second Leadership Workshop on March 3-7, 2008. Be reminded that your deliverables by the Second Leadership Workshop are the following:

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Fellowship Updates 1

22 11 2007

Greetings of Peace! The AIM Mirant Center has been glad to hear stories from you regarding your leadership endeavors. We hope that you would continue to share your experiences, not just with us, but with your co-Fellows as well.

Here are some updates for everyone on what has been going on since the 1st Leadership Workshop, and also some reminders on what still has to come.

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